Sri Lanka Visit Visa

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Kenya Visit Visa

Kenya Visa Requirements

  1. Passport Scan Copy.
  2.  1 Picture with White Background.
  3.  CNIC Copy.
  4.  3-4 Working Days

Kenya is a country of Africa which is full of Natural Resources. The Capital of Kenya is Nairobi having 3.375 million population. Kenya has an average of 925 mm rain per year. Kenya has a warm and tropical climate on its Indian Ocean coastline. The climate of Kenya is cooler in the savannah grasslands around the Nairobi city, and especially closer to Mount Kenya, which has snow permanently on its peaks whole year. Most attractive and beautiful sights of Kenya are Amboseli National Park, Fort Jesus, Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Giraffe centre, National Museum, Elsamere, Karen Blixen’s house and Colobus conservation centre.

Kenya Visa Services for Pakistanis

Rehman Group of Travels, a well-known Travel & Tours Company in Pakistan are pleased to offer visit visas of Kenya at affordable rates for Travelers around the globe. Traveling with us will regulate your imagination with reality & you can get an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Kenya. We also provide 5 star hotel Accommodation along with return tickets at low rates.

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Indonesia Visit Visa


Indonesia is a country spread across more than 13,000 large and small islands. Located between Asia and Australia continents, it has the world’s largest Muslim population and has recently been acclaimed as one of the major emerging economies in the region. Indonesia gained independence from Dutch colony in 1949.


Indonesia straddles on the equator and has more than 127 active of volcanic mountains and thousands of volcanic islands. Indonesia is the home to many tropical jungles and flora fauna that is found nowhere else in the world. The largest flower in the world is also found in the forest of Indonesia. The Komodo dragons, orangutans and tigers are found scattered across different islands making one eager to keep visiting one island after another. On the beaches one gets to swim with dugongs, dolphins and large manta rays.


Some of the major islands of Indonesia are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan (formally Borneo), Sulawesi (formally Celebes), the Moluccas and Papua. Bali is the most famous destination offering enchanting beaches, dynamic dances and music. Indonesia hotels offer excellent services that are second to none with locations on white sandy beaches, overlooking green river and valleys.


Indonesia offers visa free entry for a number of countries and in addition Indonesia also has the visa on arrival facility for certain nationalities. Visitors from all other countries have to obtain visa from the Indonesian Embassy in their respective countries. Pakistan nationals require visa prior to departure for Indonesia.

Rehman Group of Travel offers all types of visa processing facility for Indonesia. Rehman Travel also caters to the hotel bookings and travel packages at very competitive rates for all 5-star and budget travellers.


Indonesia Visa Requirement:

  1. Last 6 (six) months bank statement.
  2. Application on business letter-head specifying reason for visiting Indonesia.
  3. National Tax Number (NTN).
  4. Return air ticket.
  5. Original passport.
  6. 03 Photographs.
  7. CNIC Photo Copy.
  8. Business documents (in case of businessman).
  9. Two photocopies of passport.
  10. Police character certificate

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